Impact of Technology in Medical Sector

Technology can be defined as the collection of tools used by humans to improve and make life on earth easier, safer and enjoying. It is aimed at generally improving the lifestyle of humans. Technology can be broken down into three broad categories namely, information technology, medical technology and construction technology. This article is going to tackle medical technology. Medical technology can also be called Clinical Laboratory Science. It is aimed at using new technologies to diagnose, prevent, treat and rehabilitate a disease. This involves medical devices, organizational systems, pharmaceuticals and procedures used in the health industry.

Technology has been seen to be very helpful as far as the health sector is concerned. Over the years, death rate due to medical issues has seen a significant decline. This is because of the improvement in technology. The limits of the growing technology are beyond human knowledge. No one knows the limits as innovative minds come up with various unique ideas to enhance human life. A lot of technology has seen being directed towards the medical sector. A lot of scientists have been funded by governments and private companies to develop ways of fighting certain bacterial and viral illnesses.

Medical technology has put its focus on reducing the costs of treatment. This is to ensure that as many people as possible receive high-tech medical assistance comfortably. It also aims at reducing rehabilitation time. Advance in technology has seen many people being rehabilitated at a shorter period of time as compared to years before. Early diagnosis of diseases has enabled people to live longer. Before, medical sector would diagnose an illness at a very late stage making treatment of the disease difficult if not impossible. However, technology today has made it possible to detect an illness at its early immature stage. At this stage, fighting and eradication of the disease is easier says

Ct-scanTechnology such as CT scans, X-rays and laser technology has made it easier for treatment of diseases. Laser technology has enabled one to be treated of illness through passing a laser beam to the affected region and killing the harmful bacteria. Laser technology is also applied in the eye surgery to rectify and improve vision. X-rays enables doctors to notice a bone fracture. This information directs the doctors on the best effective method of treatment. Who would stand and say technology has negatively impacted the health sector? There is also plastic surgery procedures. People can now have a modification in their body parts according to their needs so as to live a peaceful and relaxing life.

Research has seen another effective way of detecting breast cancer is through photoacoustics. It has been seen to be superior to x-rays and sonogram. It uses ultrasonic generation of waves in body tissue when illuminated in short and high energy pulses. Damaged ligaments and tendons are now made clearer with the enhancement of ultrasound. Ultrasound is a very effective method in the medical sector as it is also used to detect developing fetus. It is very useful in monitoring the state of soft body tissue. It checks the speed and healing progress of injuries.

Technology can be said to have brought hope to a lot of people across the world. People that before thought their condition would not be treatable can now rejoice and think about a possible future. All of this is thanks to technology enhancement in the medical sector. The good thing is that there are no limits to how far and wide technology can go. It is just but a matter of time.